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North Forge International Founders Program

Accelerate your business in Canada better, faster and cheaper

The North Forge International Founders Program aims to support world-class technology startups as they build, settle, and accelerate their business in Manitoba, Canada. This innovative, soft landing program is designed to help established businesses hit the ground running as they enter the North American market. Many programs provide companies with foundational training in scaling-up their business, the International Founders Program does all that and then some!


Joining the North Forge International Founders Program will provide you with:

A personalized roadmap for expansion into North America
A team of world-class mentors to guide you
Legal and tax advice
Grant application support
Market intelligence
Investor intelligence
Business networking
Various educational webinars

International Founders Program Applications

Who You Are: A motivated team of go-getters with a commitment to participation in the entire program. You have a product-market fit into North America. You are an established business with a trackable high-growth rate.

Average Length: 6 Months

What You Get

  • Entrepreneurship essentials
  • Peer-to-peer events
  • Communication tools
  • Workshops
  • Market intelligence
  • Business advisory
  • Grant application support
  • Legal Information and Advice
  • Connections to investors, customers and partners
  • Access to the North Forge Podcast Studio
  • Advisory Council
  • Investor Intelligence
  • Investor networking opportunities

Expected Outcomes

  • An established business in Canada
  • Connections with potential customers and research partners across multiple channels