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New Member Safety Orientation

North Forge Fabrication Lab places a high value on the personal health and safety of its members. We are committed to fostering and sustaining a culture in which accountability for safety – yours and your co-members – is accepted and shared by everyone as a condition of membership at the Fabrication Lab. Our goal is that all members share North Forge’s commitment to eliminating or controlling hazards which can result in injury and take every reasonable precaution to work safely and ensure a safe environment.

We believe that every member should expect to leave the fabrication lab and return home as healthy and safe as when they arrived.

Know your rights as a member of the North Forge Fabrication Lab: Members are similar in most cases to the worker as set out by the Workplace Safety and Health Act:

Member rights

The right to know Members have the right to know how to do their jobs safely, what hazards are in the workplace and how to prevent injuries from those hazards.

The right to participate Members have the right to participate in safety and health activities in the workplace without fear of discipline.

The right to refuse unsafe work Members are legally entitled to refuse work they believe to be dangerous to their safety and health or to that of another worker.

The right to protection from discrimination Members cannot be disciplined or discriminated against for exercising their rights and acting in the best interest of safety.

Member responsibilities New members are responsible for following safety and health procedures in a workplace (fabrication lab) and taking care to uphold their responsibilities towards maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

All members must:

  • take reasonable care to protect themselves and others
  • follow the safety and health rules of the fabrication lab
  • use personal protective equipment, clothing and devices
  • cooperate with the workplace safety and health committee or representative
  • cooperate with others on workplace safety and health matters.

Keeping Fabrication Lab tidy is a requirement in maintaining a quality workspace. Work areas, as well as food and lobby area, are expected to be kept clean and presentable. Our ‘rule of thumb” is for members to clean an additional few meters of space around them when finishing. This means cleaning up after themselves in the coworking desk area, in the Fabrication Lab as well as the lobby area. Food stored in the fridge should be labeled with member’s name and date.

Legal requirements under workplace safety and health legislation: Section 5, Duties of workers;  Section 7.5, Duty to Provide Required Information  Section 40, Workplace Safety and Health Committees and Representatives  Section 43(1), Right to Refuse Dangerous Work  Part 35, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems Application of M.R. 217/20
  • I agree and commit to the above:
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If you require any accommodation due to your age, language, mobility, etc. that may hinder your understanding of our Safety policies and procedures or to evacuate quickly during an emergency situation, please identify yourself to anyone on the Safety Committee. Also refer to Vulnerable Workers Policy in our Safety Manual.Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulation 4(1). Every employer shall in accordance with the objects and purposes of this Act (a) ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of all his workers.This new member orientation follows 2.2.1(1) - (3) New Worker Orientation of Part 2 General Duties, General Safety Duties of the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulation.
  • North Forge Fabrication Lab New Member Orientation: