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Mentoring Changes Lives.

Become part of a new network of mentors that are helping to design the future of Manitoba.

If you were fortunate enough to have had a mentor when you were starting out, or wish you had one, imagine the outstanding role you can play in someone’s life. Here is your opportunity to “pay it forward” and help someone by sharing your expertise and experiences. The survival rate for early stage mentored entrepreneurs is 83%!

We are seeking mentors to support our North Forge founders through regulation, how to get to market, business fundamentals, raising capital, how to grow, financials, HR and more. We are looking for amazing individuals who express a willingness to impart their knowledge and to share their networks.

If you are interested in joining the new North Forge mentor network, please apply below. We will contact you shortly with further details.

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“North Forge’s Founders Program has been an invaluable resource for getting Portal Bots off the ground. The classes have been fantastic, and it is great to have the support of experts and fellow members. I very much look forward to starting the next chapter.”

“North Forge helped me get connected with the community and gave us valuable insight into what problems we needed to solve.”

The North Forge team’s extensive business-building knowledge and connections to local resources paired with the lived experiences of the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence have been helpful in guiding my company decisions and next steps.

“North Forge has been very encouraging with a wide network of mentors for almost every industry. We had been very fortunate to have mentors who are experienced in the Educational Technology vertical as well as advisors who are awesome in planning for Go To Market forming a very strong core of advisor expertise. They have provided valuable advice to gain traction and scale quickly with the solid foundation set for rapid growth.”

“North Forge believed in me before I did.”

“North Forge has added a lot of value to Carbon Block as we have gone through our entrepreneurial journey. Having access to the rich mentor pool and the collaboration spaces has proven invaluable.”

“North Forge has been an amazing resource for the business development of our company. Their programing has pushed us to reach out to our customers, plan our business strategy, investigate manufacturing processes, and organize our financials.”

“The worst thing a budding entrepreneur can do is spend a lot of time developing a product that nobody wants.  The North Forge Founders Program showed me how to test my business idea and confirm customer demand before moving forward with my business Hitchmail”.

“Starting a company at a young age with few prior experiences may seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. Thanks to the North Forge Founders Program, I have been able to denounce my initial fear of failure and dared to put myself in a position to learn. The program is intended to be pursued at your own pace. North Forge’s extensive network provides substantial resources and advisors to support your ongoing business needs. I am thankful North Forge has granted me this opportunity, it has truly opened my eyes to what’s possible and attainable in today’s world.”